Volunteer Opportunities

Rotherham Pride is planned all year by dedicated Volunteers #TeamPride. Our events throughout the year and Pride day wouldn’t be possible without #TeamPride’s passionate approach and tireless commitment on a voluntary basis all year around. #TeamPride give 1000’s of volunteer hours, don’t claim travel expenses throughout the year and all have full-time employment (& other commitments) alongside their Pride roles.

Rotherham Pride wouldn’t possible without the fabulous Volunteers who support us to make the annual pride event safe and inclusive for everyone (by setting up the event, de-rigging, collecting litter, collecting donations, event stewarding, parade stewarding, fundraising and much more).

All Volunteers will receive mandatory training to fully prepare you to undertake your Volunteer role and duties.

If you would like to get involved and Volunteer at Rotherham Pride 2020 then please click here or contact our Claire France, Volunteer Coordinator via email volunteer@rotherhampride.co.uk

Volunteer Role Description & Duties

Event Stewards– will help our visitors and guests by providing information on the event or the location of the toilets, the stage, the bar etc. Supporting visitors to fill in feedback surveys. Ensure site is maintained through litter picking and toilet checks. Walking cars through the one way system. Helping our community stall holders setup and directing them to their allocated stall. Help us raise much needed funds by shaking those charity buckets and help us raise money for the Pride Fund throughout the Pride event.

Parade Stewards– Helping to ensure parade is carried out safely and Volunteer allocated to specific road closures.

Site Build and De-rig Crew – Helping with getting the Pride site built up this can including helping with putting gazebos to attaching banners, decorations or signage around the site.

Activity & Workshop Crew – Supporting the Activity and Workshop Coordinator in ensuring everything runs smoothly, you will be responsible for looking after our participants, setting up and helping to support facilitation.

Merchandise Crew – This year we will be having official Pride Merchandise to sell during the weekend.

Photographer– Help us capture the event with your creative photography skills.

Clean-up Crew – Help us to maintain the pride event arena throughout the day with litter picking and other important duties.

•Afterparty Crew – Help to support acts, sell merchandise, decorate the venue and support the Afterparty Coordinator. + any other requirements that may need doing on the day

+ any other requirements that may need doing on the day